My childhood home was not a safe place to be. It was full of violence, anger and abuse. Fear was the predominant feeling that surrounded my life. Having the unconditional love of an animal became my saving grace. My cat Tiger was devoted to me and brought me solace. I spent as much time as possible outside to escape the horror inside our house. Nature inspired me to create stories about an alternative life in the forest. Raccoons, Bears, Squirrels, Rabbits and all other creatures were my best friends. We went on so many adventures together. When I had children of my own, story time was one of the most sacred things in my life. Giving them the sense that anything was possible if you were open to it ignited my passion for writing new stories to tell. I write to teach life lessons, and my belief that we need to care and heal our planet earth. As a child I found my healing in creating that space, I hope my books inspire you to find your own healing, so that your children can find comfort and love in your peace. I invite you to tell me your why, so that we can all learn how to heal and transform our environment.


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