“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” Anonymous

It is my belief that by leading others with few words, we have an action call to great leadership. With that leadership, our children will take up our cause long after we are gone. Leading by example not only keeps us honest, but also inspired. Showing kindness to all, including our earth, has long been my focus. Following through on promises we make to each other is the catalyst for great accomplishments. I promised my children that I would strive to grow as human being, parent, spouse, employer, and friend for the rest of my life. A challenging promise, but one I intend on keeping.

How to inspire our children to find their voice and begin healing our planet is the mantra of Wee Imagine. My dream project is to create a platform that gives children and their families tools and means to accomplish anything they dream possible. Stay tuned for our first steps toward that dream project.

We would love to hear your dream projects.

Wee Imagine Creations Team

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