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Children love these beautifully illustrated, colourful books. Every book teaches a valuable lesson about our environment and gives you the opportunity to share your wisdom on a variety of topics.




Books by Marishu

The Mystery Litterbug

Childrens BooksRoxy Raccoon & Sally Squirrel are busy trying to figure out who is littering all over friendly forest. They hatch a plan, along with their friends, to capture the litterbug and bring them to justice. Each page is filled with laughter, fun and beautiful illustrations. It is a must read for families who enjoy nature and will inspire all to change our world, one kind action at a time.

The Junkyard Bear

Childrens Books OnlineIn this second installment of the Enviromals, we arrive in Friendly forest on Spring Clean up Day, but Byron Bear wants to go swimming instead. His favorite pastime was junk collecting, but swimming was a close second. His friend Rachel Rabbit had a problem; her washing machine had broken down. It was Byron to the rescue, and his junk collecting might just pay off. Before long Byron has fixed her washing machine, and is soon fixing everyone’s repair problems. This delightful story is about friendship and discovering how our passions can be turned into our life’s purpose.



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