Animals have long been a way that children learn about love, security and responsibility. Taking care of a loved pet can teach many life lessons.

  • Pets reduce stress by creating a judgment free relationship with their companions
  • Pets teach comfort by always being there & willing to listen to their loved ones cares
  • Pets create a nurturing environment by allowing their owners to learn to care for them & getting love in return
  • Health is improved in both parties by the element of having a happy relationship.
  • Family bonds are strengthened by learning a pack mentality that
    animals create with their family.

Animals contribute to our planet in a variety of ways. Biodiversity is essential in our global community if we are to sustain a peaceful way of life. Insects, sea life, animals, plants and our environment contribute to our sustainability. You will find that if you focus on one aspect of our ecosystem, it is intricately attached to another facet.

Protecting and nurturing all facets of life on the planet will not only improve your health, and those around you, but also the lives of these mostly defenceless creatures.  We all have a Roxy Raccoon in our backyard, or a Sally Squirrel living in a local tree.

What are you doing to protect and nurture them?

Teach the children in your life to be reporters who go out and find what is going on in their neighbourhood.

The Wee Imagine team is working on a digital magazine called “The Recycled Review” where kids will be reporting on ecosystem stories that inspire and captivate them. Look for it in the coming months.

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