Sundays EZ Rock show was about Hidden Bias and how that affects our daily life.
Over the last few years, the world has been faced with the ugly truth of prejudice and bias. It is hidden so deeply in our societal consciousness that many of us are not even aware of how it influences decisions we make on where we live, our children’s schools, and even the friends we choose.
These are tough topics to discuss without feeling uncomfortable. Many families are not even aware of these hidden biases.
Religious and political biases are a more comfortable forum because society has said it is okay to make your own choices in those areas and have a voice for your beliefs.
What if those beliefs are trampling on the freedom and wellbeing of others in our communities? Cities are born and influenced by social, cultural, and political forces. Are you open to learning new ideas or cultural practices?
I am now aware that I have hidden bias that does show up in my life and influence my decisions. I recently saw an article that posed a few questions that made me feel quite uncomfortable.
What nationality are my three best friends?
Was the last move we made in any way influenced by the cultural demographic?
Do I tend to watch movies made up of actors that look like me?
There are many books, discussion groups, and suggestions that would open your eyes to unknown bias. Having this conversation with your children and friends will help you uncover that bias hidden within our daily lives.
You are not wrong or bad if you discover that you have a hidden bias. You are just uneducated about the detrimental effect on those in our community who are marginalized and treated with prejudice.
Here are three great books I have read that helped me understand what many minorities and victimized people are experiencing.
Tell Me Who You Are- Winona Guo & Priya Vulchi
White Privilege Unmasked- Judy Ryde
The Sum of Us- Heather McGhee


Congratulations to Alex Szczepanski on winning our colouring contest at the West Kootenay Trade Show in Castlegar. Alex’s sister Asia, was very excited to share in Alex’s win. They won a gift basket worth $200 with my books and lots of goodies for them to share. Good job Alex!

Mystery Litterbug

Reading this book immediately plunges you into the adventures of fun characters who teach us all about respecting our environment. The Mystery litterbug is a read for all ages, as it is an intelligent, fun loving story for our new generation of kids.

Jennifer Burton

I felt instantly connected to this book and wished that I would have been able to read this wonderful book as a child. It would have helped me understand my feelings, and to not feel so alone in them.

Kathy Smith

Wee Imagine Creations had a booth at the West Kootenay Trade Show in Castlegar this past weekend. It was a wonderful event organized by the Castlegar Chamber of Commerce.

My husband and I have recently relocated from Chilliwack, BC to Castlegar, BC. My goal was to meet the community and introduce myself as a new local children’s author and host of The Parenting Toolbox podcast.

I was overwhelmed by the warm welcome from the Castlegar folks who stopped by our booth. Many grandparents, parents, aunts and uncles purchased books for their loved ones, as well as taking information on Wee Imagine and my podcast.

I met so many wonderful business owners and people in the field of healthcare doing fabulous work. All of them planting the seeds of kindness and inspiration to lead a balanced life. I love my new community! Marishu


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