Parenting Toolbox #2: How Social Media Affects Your Kids

Marishu talks with special guest, Taylor, a grade nine student who shares how Social Media and the internet plays a role in her daily life.

This interview gives parents insights and tools to cope with the ever-changing world of technology that kids are growing up with.

  • How kids are bullied with Social Media
  • When to limit internet usage
  • How Social Media sites follow kids home from school

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The Parenting Toolbox #1: Games Of Engagement

Marishu speaks with entrepreneur, musician and father of two, Colin Wiebe.

In this episode Marishu and Colin discuss simple games that when played with children, can act as powerful learning and teaching tools.

  • How the counting game can speed up cleaning the kitchen
  • How to get kids to bed quickly
  • Tricks to getting kids to clean their rooms

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