In this episode of the parenting tool box Marishu and Colin take us through the steps of establishing what truly makes us happy and what we have control over in our endless efforts to create a happy environment for ourselves and our family.

You’ll discover Colin’s Aha’ moment as well as Marishu words of wisdom on gratitude. As well as a link to Marishu’s Book “I have blah blah blah In My Ears” a great way to educate children of being mindful of the present.


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0:20 – Marishu introduces Colin and the topic of ‘creating a happy atmosphere’

0:44 – Defining what the source of unhappiness in a house hold can look like or be

1:25 – Marishu defines the true meaning of happiness

2:13 – Marishu poses a question to Colin about happiness being his choice

2:50 – Maria introduces a new tool to define and generate your happiness

4:00 – Marishu shares a story about purpose, and about using that as your power to be happy

6:06 – Colin shares some words he uses with his daughter about how to change their mood

7:22 – Marishu breaks out a new tool of communication on the matter of happiness

8:52 – Finding the happy zone

10:30 – Marishu speaks of the importance of being present and grateful for what we do have

11:54 – Coloring book break (need a link)

13:00 – Welcome back from the break, back in to the happy zone

13:30 – Colin shares a life story about being present

14:55 – Marishu breaks down the meaning of being mindful of the present

16:00 – Colin shares an ‘AHA’ moment

16:15 – (link to Marishu’s book I have blah blah blah in my ears)

17:10 – How to make an atmosphere of happiness

18:48 – Marishu asks a big question “if you could do what makes you happy what would it be”

19:39 – Marishu shares a story about the power of love

21:25 – Marishu explains how asking your children what they would do if money was no object can be a great tool in achieving happiness

24:27 – Marishu shares a story about never knowing what’s in someone’s heart

26:12 – Colin shares a story of perspective and appreciating what you do have

27:37 – Deliberate gratitude and its major relevance

28:23 – Colin explains his gratitude alarm

29:22 – Marishu wraps up the show and leaves the audience with an inspirational thought

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