In this Parenting tool box episode Marishu and Colin go over the important steps in keeping a teen well informed and safe. They speak of the tips and tricks every parent should have under their belt as well as some key language and how to establish a strong line of trust honesty and empathy.


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0:10 – Marishu welcomes Colin And opens up talk about keeping children safe

0:50 – Talk of an unfortunate event of the loss of a set of Calgary teens

1:40 – Talk of peer pressure and its power

2:21 – Marishu break down the teen process

3:45 – Marishu goes in to hormone and brain power and how that can create risk in teens

5:00 – Marishu underlines the importance of open communications and open expectations

6:16 – Marishu explains leverage and the power of harnessing your leverage as a parent

7:20 – Colin tells a few story about how boys are sneakier than girls

8:00 – Marishu outs her daughter “girls can be dangerous too”

8:45 – The importance of mutual trust between you and your children

9:30 – Marishu touches on the fact Children aren’t fully able to grasp consequences of now and of the future

11:11 – Colin Speaks of negotiation and agreement and how open dialog can allow insight and trust

12:30 – Marishu tells a short story about listening to understand

13:10 – “Do what I say not what I do” and the struggle

14:00 – Marishu encourages to lead by example

15:08 – Recap After the break

15:24 – Marishu shares tips and tricks to tell when your kids are up to no good

16:21 – Marishu encourages to keep bonds with your children’s friends parents

17:05 – Colin Recalls a time when he didn’t have much information on where his children are

18:39 – Marishu speaks of the questions to ask yourself about your children

18:55 – Warning signs of what’s not working for your child

20:10 – Colin shares a story of his daughter and a party

21:05 – Colin advocates the power of making the hard decisions and saying no as well as saying yes

22:20 – Colin explains the power of visualization

24:17 – Marishu explains what worked for her and her children

24:56 – Marishu speaks of intuition and to trust your instinct

26:00 – Colin mentions the power of sacrifice and its importance

28:00 – Marishu encourages patience tolerance and empathy

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