Ricky Shetty is an amazon best-selling author for his book “wisdom from daddies” as well as the owner operator of “daddy blogger” where he depicts his perspective of being a dad and also traveling with his family.

This Canadian born Blogger has his BA in Psychology obtained at UBC and uses his skills in fatherhood to run many workshops conferences and events all over greater Vancouver. In this episode Ricky will talk about what got him started blogging , how he asked his wife to marry him in a very elaborate way , and his overall outlook on marriage.

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0:38 – Ricky Introduced and speaks of his blog

1:17 – How Ricky got started with podcasting for the daddy masses

3:15 – “Wisdom for daddy” Ricky Shettys father help book

5:10 – Ricky Shares a family story about why he blogs

6:00 – Rickey elaborates on how divorce effects a family and mostly children

8:24 – Marishu summarizes Ricky’s venture through daddy hood and blogging along as they go

9:41 – Marishu asks Ricky what helped him become such a successful dad

10:42 – Ricky underlines the importance of daddy children time and providing quality time as well as stability and financial aid

12:20 – Colin explains the relevance of presence in your children’s lives

14:11 – How being a dad change your perspective answered by Ricky Shetty

15:53 – Marishu shares her formula for positive change

16:00 – Colin contributes some knowledge of the changes and perspectives of turning me, into we, into us from a daddy’s point of view

18:00 – How to download a free coloring book  (hyperlink)

20:18 – How Ricky proposed to his wife

24:50 – Ricky elaborates on his view of marriage

25:25 – Marishu speaks of the challenge of a blended family

26:47 – Ricky Explains his “aha” moment

29:20 – Colin illuminates “how to share mom”

30:45 – Marishu gives some insight on keeping some mommy daddy time in your everyday life

33:23 – Ricky gives an important tip to dads everywhere

34:20 – Marishu references Ricky’s blog and thanks him for being a part of the show

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