Parenting Toolbox #2: How Social Media Affects Your Kids

Marishu talks with special guest, Taylor, a grade nine student who shares how Social Media and the internet plays a role in her daily life.

This interview gives parents insights and tools to cope with the ever-changing world of technology that kids are growing up with.

  • How kids are bullied with Social Media
  • When to limit internet usage
  • How Social Media sites follow kids home from school

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The Parenting Toolbox #1: Games Of Engagement

Marishu speaks with entrepreneur, musician and father of two, Colin Wiebe.

In this episode Marishu and Colin discuss simple games that when played with children, can act as powerful learning and teaching tools.

  • How the counting game can speed up cleaning the kitchen
  • How to get kids to bed quickly
  • Tricks to getting kids to clean their rooms

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Spoiled Rotten

Spoiled Rotten

How many times do your hear people say that their parents spoil their kids rotten. Can you relate to that concept? Thinking back on my friends’ experiences, I can see the good cop/bad cop scenario being played out. The parents of young children are busy creating a balance of fun with life lessons, or as children see it, discipline. Parents often feel as if grandparents come along and get to have all the fun without the work of raising the grandkids.

As a parent and grandparent myself, I am aware of the challenges to respect my adult children and their chosen parental style. Creating a dialogue with my kids that allows my husband and me to have quality time with our grandchildren has minimized any problems on that front. Respecting boundaries and guidelines set out by our children and their spouses has kept conflict to a minimum.

A great question to ask, as a parent,is what is best for the child? Grandparents add support, joy and guidance to children. In return, grandchildren add happiness, fulfillment and joy to the grandparents’ lives. Research has found that both grandparents and grandchildren who felt emotionally close to the other generation had fewer symptoms of depression.”Extended family members, such as grandparents and grandchildren, serve important functions in one another’s daily lives throughout adulthood,” said study researcher Sara Moorman, professor of sociology at Boston College.

I have a belief that having a close relationship with your grandchildren strengthens your relationship with your own adult children. Adult children now experiencing parenthood have a great appreciation for what their own parents went through. Long held resentments can be let go when a greater understanding of the challenges are experienced first-hand. Grandparenting has taught me to experience unconditional love on such a deep level that it has transformed my practices of kindness, forgiveness and compassion tenfold. The honour of having these beautiful humans in my daily life has forever been imprinted on me with a joy words cannot express.

Spoiling grandchildren with gifts, candy, and other material niceties is a valid point of concern. However, never confuse a loving relationship as spoiling, for no one ever dies of too much love.

My Why

My Why

My childhood home was not a safe place to be. It was full of violence, anger and abuse. Fear was the predominant feeling that surrounded my life. Having the unconditional love of an animal became my saving grace. My cat Tiger was devoted to me and brought me solace. I spent as much time as possible outside to escape the horror inside our house. Nature inspired me to create stories about an alternative life in the forest. Raccoons, Bears, Squirrels, Rabbits and all other creatures were my best friends. We went on so many adventures together. When I had children of my own, story time was one of the most sacred things in my life. Giving them the sense that anything was possible if you were open to it ignited my passion for writing new stories to tell. I write to teach life lessons, and my belief that we need to care and heal our planet earth. As a child I found my healing in creating that space, I hope my books inspire you to find your own healing, so that your children can find comfort and love in your peace. I invite you to tell me your why, so that we can all learn how to heal and transform our environment.


Our Future Ambassadors

Our Future Ambassadors

“Children are great imitators. So give them something great to imitate.” Anonymous

It is my belief that by leading others with few words, we have an action call to great leadership. With that leadership, our children will take up our cause long after we are gone. Leading by example not only keeps us honest, but also inspired. Showing kindness to all, including our earth, has long been my focus. Following through on promises we make to each other is the catalyst for great accomplishments. I promised my children that I would strive to grow as human being, parent, spouse, employer, and friend for the rest of my life. A challenging promise, but one I intend on keeping.

How to inspire our children to find their voice and begin healing our planet is the mantra of Wee Imagine. My dream project is to create a platform that gives children and their families tools and means to accomplish anything they dream possible. Stay tuned for our first steps toward that dream project.

We would love to hear your dream projects.

Wee Imagine Creations Team

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